Technical Session 1

Oral (6 Presentations)

Dr K K Dakhore


Rainfall Variability And Probability Analysis For Crop Planning In Marathwada Region.

Technical Session 2

Poster (42 Presentations, 11 Absent)

Dr S V Bagade


Harvest rainwater by knowing the rainfall probabilities for drought prone areas of Maharashtra.

Technical Session 3

Oral (6 Presentations, 3 Absent)

Dr Raktim Jyoti Saikia

Assam Agricultural University, Jorhat

PAR interception and radiation use efficiency in relation to growth and yield of potato under different microclimates at sub-tropical environment of Assam, India.

Technical Session 4

Poster (5 Presentations)

Dr Pratima Vaidya

Dr. Y. S. Parmar University of Horticulture and Forestry, Nauni, Solan (H.P.)

Vulnerability of Farming Communities to Climate Change in Mid Hills of Himachal Pradesh.

Technical Session 5

Poster (22 Presentations, 6 Absent)

Dr Boomiraj K

Tamil Nadu Agricultural University

Effects of Elevated Tropospheric Ozone and Ozone protectants on Plant Growth, Micro Nutrients and Yield properties in Cauliflower(Brassica oleraceavar. botrytis L.)

Dr Samanpreet Kaur

PAU, Ludhiana

Estimation of evapotranspiration under climate change in sirhind canal tract of punjab.

Technical Session 6

Oral (6 Presentations, 1 Absent)

Dr P Raja

ICAR - Indian Institute of Soil and Water Conservation, Research Centre, Udhagamandalam, TN

Study of carbon dioxide fluxes with reference to micrometeorological fluctuation in parts of temperate mountainous ecosystem of Nilgiris.

Technical Session 7

Poster (8 Presentations, 3 Absent)

Dr Anureet Kaur Chandi

PAU, Ludhiana

Impact of temperature on emamectin benzoate toxicity in different Spodopteralitura (Fabricius) populations of Punjab.

Technical Session 8

Oral (6 Presentations, 1 Absent)

Dr Prabhjyot Kaur

PAU, Ludhiana

Development of weather based COTFLY expert system for forecasting and management of whitefly in cotton in Punjab.

Technical Session 9

Poster (5 Presentations, 2 Absent)

Dr Rajan Chaudhari

Indira Gandhi National Open University ,New Delhi

Statistical model for wheat yield forecasting using weather pa rameters for eastern U.P.

Technical Session 10

Poster (7 Presentations, 2 Absent)

Dr Rani Sexana

Assistant Professor (Agromet.) SKN Agriculture University, Jobner

Multi proxy approaches to delineate crop water stress for site-specific water management in semi arid environment.

Technical Session 11

Poster (3 Presentations)

Dr Indudhar Reddy Kareddy


Economic Impact Assesment of Agromet Advisory Services (AAS) in Southern Telangana Zone.

Technical Session 12

Oral (5 Presentations)

Dr Karan Chhabra

Perception and Adoption Behaviour of Farmers Regarding Agromet Advisory Services in Baramulla District of Jammu-Kashmir

Matter Specialist (Agrometeorology) ICAR-CITH; KrishiVigyan Kendra, Baramulla Kunzer, J&K, India



Technical Session 1

Poster (6 Presentations, 1 Absent)

Sagar Dhage

University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad, Karnataka,

Strategies to Cope with Warming and Reduced Rainfall in Greengram for Northern Transition Zone of Karnataka, India.

Technical Session 2

Poster (29 Presentations, 15 Absent)

Savitri Giridhar Birajdar

Zonal Agriculture Research Station, Solapur

Yield prediction by developing regression equation in rabi Chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.).

Technical Session 3

Oral (4 Presentations)


KAU, Thrissur

of present and future precipitation characteristics using standard precipitation index.

Technical Session 4

Poster (12 Presentations, 2 Absent)

Gaganpreet Kour


Performance of sub tropical peach cultivars under different irrigation levels in relation with weather parameters of Jammu region.

Technical Session 5

Poster (24 Presentations, 12 Absent)

Abin Divakaran

Kerala Agricultural University- College of Agriculture, Vellanikkara

Influence of different weather parameters experienced during various phenological stages on yield of turmeric grown under different date of plantings.

Technical Session 6

Oral (6 Presentations)

Riya K R

Kerala Agriculture University, Thrisur

Weather range for achieving guaranteed yield in rice.

Technical Session 7

Poster (7 Presentations, All Absent)

All Absent

Technical Session 8

Oral (5 Presentations, 4 Absent)



Effect of different post emergence herbicidal combinations tank mixed with zinc or/and iron sulphate on grain yield and weed control efficiency in wheat crop (Triticum aestivum L.).

Technical Session 9

Poster (20 Presentations, 6 Absent)

Dr. Snehal Gorakh Kanade

CAAST-CSAWM, MPKV, Rahuri, Maharashtra

Spatial estimation of Rainfall Distribution in selected Akoleblock villages using Inverse Distance Weightage (IDW) method.

Technical Session 10

Oral (5 Presentations, 6 Absent)

Sanjani Sunil Salunkhe

College of Agril. Engg. & Tech., Dr. BSKKV, Dapoli, Ratnagiri, Maharashtra.

Terrestrial Carbon Sequeatration in Tropical Forest of Konkan Region using RS and GIS.

Technical Session 11

Technical Session 12

Oral (4 Presentations)

Laxmi N. Tirlapur


Agromet advisory service – A mobile based decision supportive system for farmers